Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Astonishing 70th Independence Day Celebrations at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road

Dolmen Mall is one of the Leading mega shopping mall projects of Pakistan that always comes up with something special and unique on the different occasions throughout the year. This time, Dolmen Mall located at Tariq Road planned something unique and extraordinary on the Azadi night to celebrate 14th of August that marks the Independence Day of our beloved country Pakistan. A day of joy and a day of sacrifice when hundreds and thousands of lives went through bloodshed, leaving their homes in India and migrating to their new homeland Pakistan. The management of the mall pre-planned it beautifully with the concerned parties to make the day breath-taking and unforgettable. 

The celebrations started on the 11th of August with amazing discounts throughout the mall providing up to 70% discount on their respective products and services. The whole mall was decorated with Azadi banners and beautiful cutouts to make the event even more mesmerizing. Different restaurants at the food court had some amazing Azadi deals to fill your food cravings to celebrate this lovely day. With amazing shopping extravaganza, there was a chance to win some exciting gifts on the purchase of Rs. 5000 and above through a lucky draw. The main event started on the night of 13th August exactly after Maghrib with a tantalizing Laser Show right in front of the main Dolmen Mall Tariq Road Building. It was a one of a kind experience to see colorful lasers depicting different monuments of Pakistan on the mega wall of the mall. The unique colors and the Azadi text was indeed grabbing the attention of the people outside the mall and was calling them in a unique way to come and join the celebrations with us. 

Now comes the mega celebration that was already entertaining the Dolmen Mall lovers at the lower ground floor of the mall. The view was unique and was approachable throughout the mall. Anyone from any floor of the mall can view and hear the on going Azadi extravaganza. It was a complete Azadi Show that was hosted by none other than VJ Tahir Ali Shah. One's feelings were out of this world while listening to loud patriotic songs and a live band. Tahir started off the show with some Azadi activities and games. The audience got a good chance to come up on the stage and heart-out the songs they always wanted to sing live in front of so many people. Gift vouchers were distributed along with many handy wishes and good luck. Students of Meritorious High School and College were present at the venue along with their teachers to celebrate the day with full enthusiasm. They also performed on stage with a unique way to present National Anthem with their teachers.

The host Tahir Ali Shah kept the crowd busy with his question and answer session and different activities. By the time clock struck 11.45 am, comes the main performer of the day. Yes, none other than the very talented singer Mustafa Zahid from the band Roxen. The crowd went all crazy with just a single glimpse of this guy. The guy took over the stage with his mesmerizing looks and soulful voice. My God isn't he charming? His voice is just out of this world, just perfect for the Azadi event. The crowd was kept busy with some patriotic songs until it was time for midnight and the countdown began to celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan. The time clock struck 12, Mustafa began singing the National Anthem of our beloved country with full enthusiasm along with the crowd that made this whole event a big success. There was an amazing burst of fireworks along with a shower of green and white chits to celebrate the day more heartily. Mustafa ended his performance with 4 to 5 songs and where the most celebrated day came to an end with unforgettable memories and some memorable moments and good byes.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Blood Donation By Celebrities - The Most Thoughtful Gesture Towards Mankind (Press Release)

KITCC, Karachi, Pakistan, 24th July 27, 2017: There’s a difference between people who donate blood and those who support its donation. But Pakistan’s favorite actor and popular TV host FaysalQuraishi has proved himself to be the finest of them all!  

In an effort to encourage more people to donate blood, FaysalQuraishi has recently decided to have his fingers pricked and presenting his own blood in support of the Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center (KITCC) blood donation request.

According to reports, Faysal received a voice note from the representative of KITCC informing about the urgent requirement of fresh, healthy, blood donations to save lives of their young patients.

Mr. Quraishi was quick to respond to this call and chose to share this message on his official Facebook page immediately. He then resolved to offer a pint of his own blood too...and this he would do LIVE on his television show. Interestingly Faysal’s show is also called “Salam Zindagi” (meaning “Salute to life”)

Although it is generally believed that acts of kindness are best done secretively to get better rewards from Almighty, this particular action was done in public to set an example for Faysal’s many fans and as inspiration for his followers.

The voice note said, "There's been a sharp drop in the number of young, healthy, people donating blood to us, owing to the long summer vacations in Karachi’s colleges & universities. Our blood reserves have dried up and there is an urgency to replenish the supply. A failure to boost the number of young donors has now put a strain on the blood service for our thalassemia patients…Children are dying."

An official statement from Faysal Quraishi quoted him saying, "I really want to support this appeal because giving blood is such an amazing thing to do. Blood isn't just needed when people have accidents - it's also used to help treat health conditions like cancer, thalassemia, long term illnesses and in maternity care. I would urge healthy people to consider blood donation as it takes only a little of your time, but can save lives…” 

To find out if you are eligible to become a blood donor and make a date to donate please call KITCC on 0335 2890020.

Just remember: Blood cannot be given more frequently than 16 weeks, which is only three times a year. To find out more please consult your physician.

Press Release provided by Faizan Riaz from the Blog Coverage

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Makeup Grabs from just4girls.pk

Aloha Peeps,

It has been a while I have not written about some of the makeup I have recently grabbed. There is a lot of unboxing still to be done so I can share my purchases with you people. 

Just a month back I was surfing the internet and came across 'just4girls.pk', a website that deals in authentic cosmetics and related accessories. It was my first time to shop from this particular website so thought of grabbing a few items for daily use. The website is easy to use and the purchasing process was smooth and prompt. In no time, I got my order confirmation email and then the challenge started to wait for my order.   

New the real struggle started where I had to wait for my order and I'm the one who made a call to know about my order status. Upon 2-3 follow-ups, I finally received my stuff and that is too incomplete. Two items from the order were missing and the rider told me that they will be delivered soon but till date nothing came as such. The parcel was packed extremely unprofessionally and seems like I have bought stuff from a local vendor. Now comes the products, all of them were genuine and thankfully intact. 

Now let's see what I actually bought:

I ordered three MUA (Makeup Academy) Matte Lipsticks and one NYX Blush. Was super-excited as I got the blush on discounted price and lipsticks on very good competitive price. 

MUA Matte Lipsticks Shades:
  • Fawn Fancy (Nude Mauve)
  • Scarlet Siren (Cool Red)
  • Mystic Marsala (Toned-Down Pink)

NYX Blush Shade:
  • Rose Garden (Mild Glittery Rosy Pink)

MUA Matte Lipsticks

MUA Matte Lipsticks

Left to Right - Fawn Fancy, Mystic Marsala, Scarlet Siren

NYX Blush

Rose Garden 

The texture of the lipstick is pretty creamy with a matte finish. It doesn't dry out and stays for quite a long time but requires a slight touchup from the inner side of the lips. These MUA Matte Lipsticks are easy on the pocket and perfect for daily use and even for nights out. The NYX Blush on-the-other-hand is a bit glittery but gives you a very fine peachy pink texture. Overall, my experience with these products are amazing just had a little issue with 'just4girls.pk' services. Looking forward to have some more shopping experience with 'just4girls.pk' until they improve their packaging and service. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews only on 'Glam Galore'.

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Waseem Badami By Hemani - Event Coverage

Hey Folks,

I'm here after quite a long time to write about something which should have been done long back. This event coverage was due from quite a long time just because I was waiting for my Hemani goody bag so that I can share it with you people.

So here we go! 

It was Saturday, May 20th, 2017, the day was all gloomy and I was really excited to attend the launch event of "WB By Hemani". All dressed up, me and my buddy 'Sana' from 'Get Magnified' headed towards PC Hotel. We went straight towards the 'Marquee Hall' and was greeted by a few fellows from 'StarlinksPR'-The PR company who was responsible for organizing the complete event. Well, after verifying ourselves as bloggers we just stood towards the entrance of the hall to see the arriving glamorous stars from the big media. From Fahad Mustafa to Sanam Baloch, the glamor was unlimited at the star-studded grand launch and we were all struck with their beauty by clicking some marvelous shots. The great thing was, The owners of the brand Mr. Waseem Badami and the team Hemani was already present at the venue.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan and Waseem Badami

Fahad Mustafa

Sons of Late Junaid Jamsheed

Mr & Mrs. Hemani

Anwar Maqsood

Saud and Javeria

Family of Late Amjad Sabri

The show started exactly at 8 with a beautiful Qirat of Holy Quran followed by a Hamd by Najam Sheraz. The event was hosted by none-other-than 'Sareeam' famed Iqrar-ul-Hassan. Families of late Junaid Jamsheed and late Amjad Sabri were present at the launch where a tribute was paid to both the personalities remembering the beautiful work they did in their lifetime. 

Syed Shafaat Ali giggled the entire hall with his amazing parodic skills and witty jokes and which was followed by an inductory speech by the owner of Hemani Group Mr. Mustafa Hemani. Then came the man himself Waseem Badami who described the whole scenario that how he became the part of this wonderful venture and officially launched the collaboration with a signing ceremony with Mr. Mustafa Hemani. The official advertisement of the brand was exclusively displayed to the whole crowd that made each and everyone spellbound. At the very end, a stellar performance was added by Mr. Anwar Maqsood along with an ending speech by Governer Sindh wishing Waseem Badami and the brand best wishes and future success.

The whole ceremony was beautifully organized with a lavish dinner at the end. The guests were presented with Hemani goody bags carrying some of the amazing stuff from the brand. Hemani promises 100% genuine herbal products that are being made using 100% natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals have been used during the production that's why these are extremely safe to use. All products are according to Shariah and certified Halal, so what else can you wish for.

WB By Hemani Goody Bag

You can head over to WB Stores at different locations to get your hands on some of the amazing products. You just can't resist the purity and packaging of these amazing products.

Thanks for going through this post, hoping to see such amazing brands in near future.

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.

P.S: Pictures by Glam Galore and different online sources.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Budget Bazaar - Grand Opening

Recently, I got a chance to attend the launch ceremony of new megastore "Budget Bazaar" in Karachi which was hosted with a grand celebration and utmost enthusiasm. The store is located in KDA Market, Gulshan-e-Iqbal which is one of the posh localities of Karachi. The doors to the store were opened right on time with a lot of guests and Karachi residents waiting to enter and have some amazing shopping experience. This was not at all an adult affair but so many children were equally excited to be a part of it. The store was beautifully decorated with colorful balloons to make the overall celebration more exciting. Everything was well-planned from the arrangement of the items to the sales services, in order to satisfy the customers by all means.

On the 3rd of June 2017, sharp at 9 pm this mega departmental store was inaugurated by honorable guests and the CEO Mr. Awais Dera of "Budget Bazaar" along with the staff, marketing team, bloggers and extremely excited future customers. The very first impression of the store was a super-organised, fresh and decent place that is all set to serve your fashion needs. The store is divided into different portions where one department serves the kids related items, one for women and the other for men. Being a shopaholic, this place was a wonderland for me and I was able to find everything I needed. And being a wife and a mother, my excitement doubled when I was able to find related items for my two guys. I was able to see happiness and excitement on different customers who were really enjoying their shopping spree. The services provided by the store were quick and potential and the cash counters were dealing the customers quickly and reliably. My overall experience in this megastore was extremely fruitful as this store is an easy access place for me loaded with whatever I need. To experience this excitement, head over to "Budget Bazaar" and have a blessed shopping experience.

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.

Message from the honorable CEO Mr. Awais Dera

Some exciting glimpse from the store

Picture Courtesy: Budget Bazaar, Faizan Riaz and Syed Qalbe Muhammad