Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Something About Pakistan Fashion Week London 2017

A fashion parade could not get this better with loads of beautiful and extravagant designs all the way from Pakistan.  11th Pakistan Fashion Week London took place with full enthusiasm on the 20th and 21st of May 2017 at the Lancaster House, London. The event involved over 36 top designers from all over Pakistan who had the spirit to showcase their intricate designs at the Pakistan Fashion Week London.

Lancaster House in the St. James district was carefully chosen as a venue for this amazing fashion show, just to balance the great designs from Pakistan and the catwalk destination. All the brilliant designers from Pakistan beautifully showcased their latest collection, along with celebrating the 70th independence day of Pakistan. The whole event was highly appreciated that paid off all the designers in a very good manner.

We have selected some of our favorite designs from designers like Shamaeel Ansari, Sadia Asad and Agha Noor. Rest designs are also on our favorite list and are displayed later in the post.

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.
Shamaeel Ansari

Hamna Amir

Noor by Sadia Asad
Agha Noor

Maria B

Aisha Imran

Moazzam Abbasi

Sadaf Amir
Sana Safinaz

Shirin Hassan

Friday, 19 May 2017

Hemani Herbals collaborates with renowned TV Anchor Waseem Badami

One of the top herbal skin care brands of Pakistan Hemani is joining hands with non-other than the very famous and renowned TV Anchor Waseem Badami to bring something grand in the world of skin care. An event is going to take place in Karachi to launch this amazing collaborative skin care range and excitedly we are going to be a part of it. All the following information is provided by an authentic source.

Hemani herbals and Waseem Badami are all set to launch their herbal products on Saturday, May 20th, 2017. Waseem Badami’s herbal products line meet the daily organic needs of every shopper interested in avoiding artificial products, be it for skin and hair care or their diet.

Hemani Herbals, a family owned business, was initially founded in 1949 in Pakistan and established in 1995 in Dubai, the Land of Opportunities. Over the past decades, Hemani has established itself as a leading herbal and natural company with a wide product range of herbal teas, herbal oils, aromatherapy products, massage creams, herbal hair and skin care products.

Hemani has always maintained its core value of providing consumers with the best quality herbal and natural products essential for healthy living. Over the past years, Hemani’s constant endeavors for perfection has established a worldwide reputation for the company’s excellent quality and up-to- date products. Realizing the consumers’ current needs of natural products for healthful living, Hemani has joined hands with Wasim Badami for a range of products carefully chosen from the best that nature has to offer.

Waseem Badami is well-known for his unbiased and truthful analysis as a news anchor. Being aware of his reputation as a credible source of news and information made him the perfect choice for Hemani to carry forward their promise of authentic and naturally sourced products.

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

How my Love for Sindbad transferred into my Child!

People usually complain about how difficult it is to find some good recreational activity in Karachi that is fit for every individual within the family. there are parks and the open sea but thanks to the heat and humidity that is almost year round in Karachi there's nothing much we can do about it. Kids get frantic in the open space and you get dazed from the heat and sun. Not many indoor activities to do either, especially summer vacations are the most dreadful where there are kids around you 24/7.

When I was younger, apart from being away from Pakistan a whole 9-10 months, since we are residing in Qatar, we used to visit every 2 months to Karachi and those used to be the most heated ones of the year. 

For that moment in those years our parents used to take out to one place that was like a wonderland for all of us, from older to younger kids. Sindbad, as of what our kids look up to now isn't a one-stop entertainment and games station for the kids it used to be a place that fascinated many who visited. Years later, the feeling is still the same when I take my kid around. Now safely located within chain of Dolmen Malls, Sindbad is one-stop games and activities station for the kids.

Having an opportunity to enjoy it as part of yet another event, I got a chance to see the same happiness on my boy's face. Dolmen Mall held the Mother's Day activity on Sunday, 14th May 2017. We were provided with a complimentary Sindbad card loaded with 2 hours of non-stop gaming and rides. This was like a dream come true, running around hoping from ride to ride. For me, it was good to see a very thoughtful gift hamper dedicated specially for Mother's like me, who are always in the look out for good stuff!n The goody bag included Sindbad Mask, coloe pencils and color book for my young one, a yummy fancy cup cake, the monthly Dolmen Mall magazine and a pleasant surprise for the "Mama" a beautiful bracelet by NiceG. It was a nice experience to be part of an event and get to share my experiences online, but the truth is, my love for Sindbad had already been transferred to my little one.

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.