Thursday, 27 July 2017

Blood Donation By Celebrities - The Most Thoughtful Gesture Towards Mankind (Press Release)

KITCC, Karachi, Pakistan, 24th July 27, 2017: There’s a difference between people who donate blood and those who support its donation. But Pakistan’s favorite actor and popular TV host FaysalQuraishi has proved himself to be the finest of them all!  

In an effort to encourage more people to donate blood, FaysalQuraishi has recently decided to have his fingers pricked and presenting his own blood in support of the Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center (KITCC) blood donation request.

According to reports, Faysal received a voice note from the representative of KITCC informing about the urgent requirement of fresh, healthy, blood donations to save lives of their young patients.

Mr. Quraishi was quick to respond to this call and chose to share this message on his official Facebook page immediately. He then resolved to offer a pint of his own blood too...and this he would do LIVE on his television show. Interestingly Faysal’s show is also called “Salam Zindagi” (meaning “Salute to life”)

Although it is generally believed that acts of kindness are best done secretively to get better rewards from Almighty, this particular action was done in public to set an example for Faysal’s many fans and as inspiration for his followers.

The voice note said, "There's been a sharp drop in the number of young, healthy, people donating blood to us, owing to the long summer vacations in Karachi’s colleges & universities. Our blood reserves have dried up and there is an urgency to replenish the supply. A failure to boost the number of young donors has now put a strain on the blood service for our thalassemia patients…Children are dying."

An official statement from Faysal Quraishi quoted him saying, "I really want to support this appeal because giving blood is such an amazing thing to do. Blood isn't just needed when people have accidents - it's also used to help treat health conditions like cancer, thalassemia, long term illnesses and in maternity care. I would urge healthy people to consider blood donation as it takes only a little of your time, but can save lives…” 

To find out if you are eligible to become a blood donor and make a date to donate please call KITCC on 0335 2890020.

Just remember: Blood cannot be given more frequently than 16 weeks, which is only three times a year. To find out more please consult your physician.

Press Release provided by Faizan Riaz from the Blog Coverage