Friday, 14 April 2017

Meet The Mind Behind Glam Galore - Samia Nabil Sheikh

Fashion has always been a pleasure for me and I always keep a keen eye on something that is attractive and blingy. Born and brought in Qatar, I have seen a calm and comfortable life. Being a pampered child of both the parents, I always got what I asked for. This thing somehow spoiled me but gave me a strong intention to grab whatever you like in your life. My mother who has always been a big support is fanatic about beautifying and organizing her home. I have always looked her in pretty clothes and beautiful accessories. I think I have inherited these qualities from my mom, as I also like to live a well-pampered, organized and neat life. Above all, it is the man behind us who has always been spoiling us and that's my dad and now the same duty is done by my hubster.

With my Baba and Mama 💓

We are only two sisters and I'm the eldest one. Being the eldest one I see my sister as my baby who has to be given instant attention and love. We have always been friends the first day she came in the world and to the last breath which I'll take. Sana Nasir has always been a big support in my life from my personal decisions to making me understand whats good and whats bad besides being the little one. We have always shared our things together and still love to do it. May our love and friendship stay like this forever and ever.

Sisters Together Sisters Forever 💖

I have been a studious child who always wanted to secure good marks and standout and always did well in school, college and at the university. I have done my Bachelors in Applied Computing and hold other major certifications in Computer Software Engineering. For me getting a good quality education is very important for girls. Whether they pursue a job later on or not at least they can teach their coming generation well and in an appropriate way. So, for the time being, I'm looking after my beautiful home and my lovely people and besides working I enjoy my time at home.

Alhamdullilah 😇

The most important and beautiful moment in my life came when I got married to Nabil. He has proved himself to be the man of my dreams and has done everything to pamper me and save me from the evils of this cruel world. Nabil is also my big support, my husband, my friend who is always ready to listen my happiness, sorrows and the stories from my elephant memory 😝. May Allah always bless him and keep his shadow upon me. Ameen

The Love of my Life 💘

And the best day of my life comes when this itsy bitsy came in my life, my boy, my life, my Muhammad Mustafa. I have no words to explain the beautiful love I share with my son. He is my everything and I can never compromise on anything related to my boy. I always pray for his bright future and good health. May Allah bless him a healthy and happy life ahead. Ameen.

My Baby 😘
So this is me and this is my life. My love for fashion, food and beauty continues and these people around me are my first priority and my life. I have the passion for attaining something fruitful in life and have successfully achieved a lot and working hard to get a lot more. The key is to keep your focus and ideas alive in whatever you do. I wish every woman best of luck and pray that they achieve whatever they have wished for. Good luck!

Samia Nabil Sheikh,
Glam Galore.


  1. This space is going to rock like anything!
    Thank God, I can now get to see all the hauls you have been planning to post
    Best of Luck <3

    1. Thank you very much Sana for your lovely support and wishes.